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Webinar: MIPS Mysteries

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover key insights into the 2024 CMS Proposed Rule and its potential implications for Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Participation. Our experts break down the complexities, to ensure you're ahead of the curve in understanding the changes that matter most for MIPS submission.
October 13, 2023
Healthcare Provider examining diagnostic image

MIPS Mysteries: Unraveling the Impact of the 2024 CMS Proposed Rule on MIPS (on-demand webinar)

The 2024 CMS Proposed Rule has been released and includes a number of items that could impact Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Participation for next year.

In this webinar we review the 2024 Proposed Rule and its impact on MIPS. Hosted by industry exerts and thought-leaders in Physical Therapy participation, this webinar is an informative discussion to help prepare and provide comment to CMS.

During this webinar we cover:

• Review how the history of the MIPS program helps us to see where it is going next
• Understand the common themes of the 2024 proposed rule & how CMS is turning up the heat on participation
• Prepare for MVP’s and ensure you are maximizing your MIPS strategy

With the 2024 CMS Final Rule coming soon, it's crucial to have a full understanding of the potential considerations for your 2024 MIPS Submission.

Event Hosts:
Julia Goodwin - Director, Outcomes, Limber Health
Limber Health is a digital health platform offering an all-inclusive solution for Outcomes, Remote Therapeutic Monitoring, Home Exercise Programs, and MIPS Reporting. Limber's hybrid approach to care keeps patients engaged & providers informed. Julia Goodwin,

Amanda Lord - Chief Operating Officer, Patient 360
Patient360 is one of the original CMS registries. With more than 13+ years as a registry , Patient360 has submitted millions of data points and participated in every iteration of the QPP.  Amanda Lord, Chief Operating Officer of Patient360 brings robust expertise in how to navigate the complex regulatory requirements of MIPS participation and beyond.