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The Health Care Landscape is Shifting

Digital health solutions continue to rise but musculoskeletal conditions are complex. In-person care, including physical exams and manual treatment, is vital to the MSK healthcare continuum. At Limber Health, we know digital MSK health solutions are best served by not replacing, but complementing in-person patient care.
Limber Health is a digital health solutions company that is built to empower Physicians and Physical Therapists to augment in-clinic patient care with at-home support through digital technology, outcomes tracking, data analytics, remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM), and value-based healthcare models.

Why limber health

Meeting Patients Where They Are

The Limber Health platform enables in-clinic providers in delivering the hybrid approach to care and features a complete digital MSK health platform for remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) and the shift to value-based healthcare.

Clinically Validated

Two clinical trials conducted at Mayo Clinic

Assessment & Triage

Comprehensive MSK assessment empowers providers with data to triage care

Data Analytics

Providers receive real-time access to data analytics

Digital Home-Exercise

Library of thousands of home exercise videos designed to be completed from home

Progress Tracking

Tracking adherence to home exercise and patient reported outcome measures

Patient Education

Evidence-based content curated by doctors in orthopedics, sports medicine, & physical therapy

Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)

Patient reported outcome measurement (PROMs) tracking & CMS-approved QCDR

Care Navigation

One-on-one secure communication and at-home support

Value-Based Care Programs

Your partner in actuarial modeling, data analytics, & alternative payment models

Home-Exercises for every diagnosed MSK Condition

An expansive musculoskeletal exercise database featuring videos with human-led demonstrations as well as verbal and written descriptions crafted from physical therapists.




Low Back






Providers can custom build a home-exercise program or select a pre-built protocol:

Home-Exercise Builder

Providers can search, build, and assign a home-exercise program from our database of thousands of exercise videos.
Man doing reverse lunge exercise

100+ Pre-Built Protocols

Providers can choose from 100+ pre-built protocols developed for non-surgical, surgical, and maintenance cases. Each protocol is designed through a progressive, evidence-based lens with four stages: acute, sub-acute, functional, and return to play.

Remote Care Support Every Step of the Way

Remote clinical care team provides support for patients throughout their at-home program.
Direct Support: One-on-one patient communication with their care team
Progress Tracking: Review and improve adherence to home-exercise
Triage: Provider care team can triage and escalate based on patient reported outcome measures