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Comprehensive Solution for Patient-Reported Outcomes

Limber Outcomes is an all-in-one solution designed to help healthcare professionals improve patient outcomes, increase patient engagement, and successfully participate in value-based care initiatives like Merit-Based Incentive Payment Systems (MIPS).

With Limber Outcomes, you can collect, analyze, and act on patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) to optimize care delivery, support clinical decision making, and demonstrate the value of your services.
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The Problem

The Two Current Physical Therapy Options Aren’t Delivering the Optimal Results

Digital Only Care

  • Digital-only MSK solutions disintermediate in-clinic providers that are paramount to the MSK care continuum
  • Digital solutions offered as a free employee benefit result in self-selection bias, attracting low risk patients
  • High risk patients that drive the most costs require hands-on care

In-Clinic PT


of MSK patients go to PT


of PT patients make it to discharge

High Co-Pays

Travel Constraints

Scheduling Challenges

The solution

Limber Partners with Providers to Augment In-Clinic Care with Digital, At-Home Support

Clinically validated at the Mayo Clinic

Two Clinical Trials at the world’s #1 rated hospital

Team built for
Value-Based Care

Background in designing value-based care models with Payers and working with CMS

Why Measure Patient-Reported Outcomes?

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) provide valuable insights into a patient's health status, functional abilities, and quality of life.

By collecting PROs, healthcare professionals can make more informed decisions about the plan of care, track progress over time, and adjust treatment as necessary to achieve the best possible results. Patient-reported outcomes also help improve engagement and foster a collaborative relationship between the provider and the patient.
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55% improvement

Patients who take an active role in their healthcare see a 55% improvement in text text text.

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Benefits of Limber Outcomes

Limber's all-inclusive outcomes platform helps keep patients engaged and providers informed.

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Better Clinical Decision Making

Collect and analyze PROs to make more informed decisions about treatment effectiveness.

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Improve Patient Engagement

Better engage patients in their care by allowing them to voice their progress & set meaningful goals based on outcomes scores.

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Quality Improvement

Identify areas of improvement in the delivery of care, and inform quality improvement initiatives in the clinic.

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Demonstrate Value to Stakeholders

Display clinical value to referral sources and insurance providers to negotiate reimbursement rates and increase participation in value-based care models

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MIPS Participation

Participate in Merit-Based Incentive Programs (MIPS) and other value-based care initiatives by utilizing the comprehensive solution for outcomes reporting, data analysis, and performance improvement.