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Webinar: Billing for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

June 10, 2024
Watch this informative on-demand webinar where billing and compliance expert Rick Gawenda, PT shares tips, tricks and best practices for billing for RTM.
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Billing for RTM: Tips, Techniques & Best Practices (on-demand webinar)

This informative session, hosted by Nirav Modi, COO of Limber Health, and featuring compliance and billing expert Rick Gawenda, provides invaluable tips, techniques, and best practices for billing Remote Therapeutic Monitoring. Register to watch and enhance your practice's efficiency and reimbursement strategies.

During this webinar you'll discover

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring
  • Best practices for accurate and efficient billing of the RTM CPT Codes
  • Tips and techniques to ensure compliance and maximize reimbursement
  • Real-world examples and case studies
  • Q&A session with industry experts Rick Gawenda and Nirav Modi

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